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Christian Funder Sommerlund

zero3 [at] zero3 [dot] dk

Current and previous work

Software engineer

Kofoed & Co

2016 - now

I'm the tech lead of our mobile ticketing platform, which handles all mobile tickets for public buses in the southwestern half of Denmark. My main responsibilities include system architecture, technical planning, codebase quality assurance, developer mentoring as well as actual software development.

Study group advisor

Faculty of Science, University of Southern Denmark

2012 - 2015

Students at Faculty of Science at the university are assigned to study groups with designated advisors during their first semester. As an advisor, I taught computer science students cooperative learning every fall semester for the last four years of my studies.

During the last semester of my master's studies, I worked as a teaching assistant for the introductory programming course at the department. I taught the fundamentals of modern object-oriented programming in Java for first-year students.

IT assistance

Knowledge Lab, University of Southern Denmark

2010 - 2014

At Knowledge Lab I provided on-demand IT assistance for the small research center. Most of my work involved deploying and maintaining CMS systems (Drupal mostly) for various research projects, tech support and various conference work.

Teaching assistant

CUDiM, Aarhus University

2010 - 2014

As a personal teaching assistant, I worked as a long-time mentor for multiple younger computer science students with various learning disabilities. Through one-to-one sessions, I supported their learning with their individual challenges in mind. My work was financed by the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU).


Guru Apps I/S

2012 - 2013

I founded a tech startup with two of my co-students to build a learning management system for around 800 students at University of Southern Denmark. Some of the features of the system included announcements, a room booker, course information, a textbook marketplace and an interactive campus map.


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Southern Denmark


Army Basic Training

Danish Army


Higher Commercial Examination Programme

Esbjerg Business College (now Rybners)